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the last part is so good wow

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February 25, 2014

Dear Journal, 

Today is February 25… It’s been exactly a month since Dustin asked me to be his girlfriend. Has it only been a month? I feel like its been at least a few, maybe even longer. Regardless, it’s been the best month of life! Oh speaking of, I haven’t even said happy one month yet, oops. It’s been a busy day -for both of us. He’s out shooting shooting shooting! Training for a shooting competition which could potentially open some big doors for him! And he’ll get something cool to add to his uniform:) Its all very exciting. My day on the other hand was boring busy -just school and homework and a few errands. Oh! I bought a guitar. Watch out Taylor Swift, here I come. Haha kidding, I don’t even know how to play this thing yet. Thank goodness for google and youtube, woohooo! It wasn’t a very eventful day other than the guitar… Unless you count my professor chastising me for going to the restroom during class. Like wait what? Is that even a thing in college? It’s okay though, I showed her when I was the only one answering the math problems she put on the board. Ha. Well… i’m off to figure out how to play this guitar (and finish math)! 

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